The Qwicart Team

Joshua Mugisha

Business Strategy, Innovation & Growth

The wits behind our strategic marketing, product innovation and overall business growth specifically user centric channels

Moses Byaruhanga

Operations, Acquisition & Expansion

The guru behind our in country operations specifically supplier channels and product functionality/roll out.

Phillip Mukasa

Business Management & Development

The eye behind our in-country business growth and overall management of local resources and service providers

Roy Amunyo – Brand Apart

Product Design and Branding

The brains behind product User Interfaces and development of our branding and corporate Identity

Roland Byagaba

Marketing and Digital

The ninja in charge of making sure the world knows about the convenience Qwicart was created to bring into people‘s lives. This Social Media and ardent Blogger won’t stop till the world gets to know about Qwicart

Ghislain Masamba

Website Design and implementation

Kola Studio

Product Development and Implementation

Our specialized team of 3 product development gurus with vast experience in Android and IOS builds/roll-outs